color pallet and counter top options for interior design tips and upgrades

When you’re thinking about updating your home’s interior design you’ll want to maximize the function and style of your living space. Here we are going to share a few expert tips to give you the space you deserve.

Color Palette Mastery

As you undertake any redecorating project it’s vital that you start by looking at your color choices. Think of your color scheme as being a musician’s sheet music. Just as a composer wants every note to blend with all of the other notes in a song, you’ll want all of the colors you use to be in harmony. 

Make sure the paint on your walls works with the shades of your carpet, curtains, furniture, and accent pieces. The experts say that you should settle on the kind of ambiance you’re trying to create, and let the overall mood you’re establishing influence your decisions. If you want your space to have a bold energy instilling confidence, you could go with a dark red, hunter green, a deep purple, or a bright yellow. If you’re looking to create a calm and relaxing environment, you should consider a soft green or a peaceful shade of blue.

Once you have your major color selected, it is recommended that you follow the 60-30-10% rule:

  • Your main color should be used for 60% of the room
  • A complimentary color should be used for 30% of the room
  • An accent color that blends with and balances the other two should be used for 10% of the room.

Following this advice will help ensure all the colors flow together seamlessly, helping to give you the mood and atmosphere you want.

Furniture Arrangement Tactics

While laying out where you want your furniture, the experts suggest thinking about how the room will be used. For example, large rooms where people gather tend to accumulate clutter. Thankfully, you can organize a room to declutter while maximizing space and increasing functionality. Be sure to use the entire room; don’t waste any corners. After all, they’re an ideal spot for a bookcase or small table with drawers for storage. Just be careful not to place a lot of furniture or bigger pieces up against the walls. If possible, you want to have adequate space behind most of your furniture. Selecting smaller pieces really helps to open a room up. Using a well-placed mirror or two will also create the illusion of more space. 

Another option is using pieces designed to perform more than one function. For example, with a bookshelf that has a drop-down table, you can use the same piece of furniture for eating, working, and displaying your favorite books and knick-knacks.

Lighting Magic

Lighting can transform a room from small and dingy to bright and airy. Interior design experts suggest brightening spaces with LED lights to reduce your carbon footprint. On and off aren’t the only options; replacing switches with dimmers will put you in charge of how bright a room is. Finally, you can also consult with a professional lighting design specialist who will create a plan to illuminate a room and enhance the overall interior design. 

Personal Touches

Naturally, you want to feel totally at home in your space, and it should represent you. The experts suggest incorporating some personal touches. Displaying your family photos along with prized possessions and favorite souvenirs puts the finishing bow on your interior design project. When you walk through the door you’ll know you’re at home. 

However, remember sometimes the old adage “less is more” applies. Use closet space and storage bins under the bed to keep some of your personal items. Then, you can switch out the items on display as frequently as you want, while keeping everything organized and easy to find. 


When considering your home’s interior design, it’s important to look at the ways you can make the space functional and appealing. Be sure to consult the experts and take into account your choice of colors, how you want your furniture arranged, the design of your lighting, and any personal touches that you want to include. 

Scherer understands how important it is for your space to function well, be aesthetically pleasing, and truly reflect your style. Reach out to us today for more information.