entryway and living room of renovated house

Sometimes a project comes along that we just can’t help but share with you!

We recently revitalized what was once a divided two-home property into a unified, contemporary single-family haven. So, grab a seat as we take you through the stunning makeover of a downtown Frederick home that we not only renovated and reconverted to a single-family home but truly revitalized, maximizing functionality while adding modern charm.

The initial step was making sure there was a sturdy foundation. We didn’t just replace the roof for aesthetic appeal; this was a commitment to the home’s longevity. After all, a well-structured roof shields your entire home from outdoor elements.

To create a truly comfortable space we replaced most of the outdated baseboard heaters, making way for a new state-of-the-art, energy-efficient HVAC system that welcomes comfort. At Scherer Contracting, we’re committed to your home’s aesthetics and sustainability. That’s why in this house, even the garage received a bit of a facelift. We put on a new door and leveled the concrete floor for both functionality and appearance. Details matter to us, and every nook and cranny can be the perfect opportunity for transformation.

renovated living area in old home

The first floor underwent a significant transformation, opening up the main living space from a two-room layout to a single, cohesive living area. The result? A spacious, inviting atmosphere setting the tone for the entire home. The staircase, often overlooked in home design, had previously been in the kitchen. We opened it up so it can be accessed from both the kitchen and the living room. Now connecting three main areas of the home, it’s made the space more open and accessible.

newly renovated kitchen in historic home

It’s often said that the heart of any home is the kitchen. Here, we worked our magic and installed new appliances, beautiful brand-new cabinets, and countertops, creating some much-needed additional workspace. Should you trust us with your kitchen remodel, rest assured that we’ll show it the same level of care. We’ll turn it into a centerpiece for gathering together and celebrating.

newly renovated powder room

Finally, the outdated bathroom by the kitchen became a powder room, making it a breeze for guests to freshen up before and after meals.

The second floor also underwent a substantial upgrade. We doubled the size of the bathroom and added a luxurious double-headed shower and a two-sink vanity. This created an ideal place to soothe sore muscles and hit the reset button after a long day.

For us, innovation lies in repurposing and breathing new life into existing structures. Using what had been the kitchen, we created a modern laundry room. New machines were installed, and we incorporated the existing sink into a laundry sink, seamlessly blending convenience with a touch of nostalgia.

We also updated the dark basement to become a functional and organized storage area. After all, every inch of a home should serve a purpose, and that’s why we create usable spaces that extend even to the often-neglected basement.

At Scherer Contracting, we don’t just renovate homes; we breathe life into them, turning ideas into results. From roofing to basements, kitchens to bathrooms, we’re your partners through every step of this process. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for creating spaces that stand the test of time make us the experts you can trust.

Are you ready to transform your home? Explore more of our projects, learn about our services, and get in touch with our team of experts. At Scherer Contracting, our expertise meets innovation, and homes become masterpieces!